PLANIMONTEUR l Société de Post-Production audiovisuelle située à Paris 16e

To partner you throughout the post-production process, the PLANIMONTEUR teams are on hand in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. Every problem has a solution.

Each member of our 30-person caring and professional team has their role to play from reception of footage through to delivery of broadcast ready content.

We also avail of a network of freelancers specialized in their fields: editing, mixing, color grading, graphics or operations personnel.

Members of FICAM (Fédération des Industries Cinéma, Audiovisuel et Multimédia), we are “Certification Sociale” certified, which in France is indispensable for employing part-time entertainment industry personnel in keeping with the relevant labor agreements.


At the heart of PLANIMONTEUR, Pascale LAIRET COMAR (nicknamed PAPOU 😀), Valérie MARTIN, Laura CHALAMBERT and Florence DECHERF welcome you in our open-space.

They will advise you on how to optimize your budget and workflow.

Coordination is ensured with our operations technicians to guarantee you a controlled, professional and optimal postproduction experience, with a dedicated contact person for each of your projects.


Our Technical Director, Eric GERSY, our Operations Manager, Thomas DELLA MUSSIA, and our Maintenance and Networks Manager, Jean Luc MONNOT, will advise you on your technical choices.

They watch over the proper functioning of the technical, video and IT resources of PLANIMONTEUR and ATELIER PLANI. They are constantly attentive to the fluidity and security of your projects in progress.

If you wish to remote work, (it can happen!) they will advise you on the possibilities available using our, or your, equipment.


PLANIMONTEUR’s 4 permanent Operations Assistants are an essential link in the organization of your workflow chain…

Team on hand 24/7

They work together on a daily basis to assist the chief editors, to prepare the sessions and to streamline the technical services offering.

Special attention is paid to your Broadcast-Ready copies and files. Broadcast manager, Emmanuel CANDELA (nicknamed Manu 😀) and our video operations team leave nothing to chance.


Thomas FRANCONIE is the reference interlocutor at PLANIMONTEUR for any “atypical” finishing requests as well as blurring, graphics or other DA VINCI/AFTER interventions..


For all executive productions entrusted to us, we put together a dedicated team.


Our 5 mixing studios are managed by a permanent Mixing Manager who can of course take charge of your creations.

We also avail of a panel of freelance sound mixers experienced in all types of productions. If you wish, you can mix with the professional of your choice.


For all enquiries concerning invoicing, payment, work contracts etc.… contact Sophie MONNOT :