Planipresse est une société de location de matériel audiovisuel située au dans le 15e arrondissement de Paris

First and foremost, PLANIPRESSE is a loyal, competent and attentive team, driven by its managing director Gilles MONCHY. PLANIPRESSE ensures an ongoing techno-watch to find quality, innovative solutions at a competitive price.

We offer you the solutions best adapted to your technical and budgetary needs.

In a constantly changing technological environment, the PLANIPRESSE teams develop top-notch technical solutions thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the equipment on the market and privileged relations with manufacturers. Our purchasing strategy is underpinned by close collaboration with end users including a personalized briefing on the potential and characteristics of the equipment on offer. We pay close attention to feedback from the field concerning new models, which we then pass on to manufacturers.

In case of emergency, our team is available 24/7.


The point of entry for every request is the Sales Department : Aude Kuster and her team are on hand to listen to your request and to offer you solutions that are adapted to your technical and budgetary needs. If necessary, we can source you the optimal technical, logistical and economic solution for you and send you an estimate to best match the realities on the ground.


Headed by Jean-Charles Marmeleira, the Technical Director of PLANIPRESSE, the technical team ensures an ongoing techno-watch of a constantly evolving sector, offering advice to operators and training in new tools and equipment.


The Audio Department is headed by Olivier BOISGARD. Working hand in hand with the Planning Department and the operations teams, Olivier brings you expertise and advice on the audio front.


Headed by Sébastien ALLAIN, our preparers rotate 24/7 to ensure that your shooting equipment is available and compliant to your needs. Each unit is verified prior to checkout.


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